Why should our dogs’ fur be trimmed?

A lot of people think that a nice wash is what dogs really need for their coat and trimming pets’ fur merely makes them look better, thus not important. However, that is a misconception. The coat is of great significance to animals in general, let alone dogs or cats. It is essential to care for pets’ fur trimming, equally to their nutrition.

In fact, regular bathing for pets cannot completely make their fur clean. Especially if long coat is not dried up well after bathing, long-lasting moisturized fur can cause many skin-related diseases such as scabies, fungal infections. We might all know that dogs have a habit of lying on the floor and wet long coat will facilitate mites, fleas and parasites to attach to our dogs’ bodies then lead to many skin problems.

Dogs do not have sweat glands under their skin so the ability to escape the heat themselves is extremely poor.  In summer with rising temperature, whether having a smooth, short hair or a big and fluffy one, will make your dog suffer from medical conditions such as cold, fever,… due to increased body temperature, especially some cold-blooded species of dogs as Alaska, Husky is likely to die of heat shock. Just imagine if you wrap a blanket around your body when it is boiling like hell!! Well, so you can link this situation to your dog wearing long fur in the sultry summer. Trimming your dog’s hair will help him expel heat better, then his body temperature will be balanced. However, the frequency of cutting dog fur depends on the weather, breed, dog nutrition and owners’ needs.

There are dogs with long and continuously growing hair, cutting dog’s hair frequently will, therefore, help them look neatly. They can comfortably run, jump, frolic without being thwarted by long fur. What’s more, the long hair will obscure sight of the eyes hence affect the rhythm of your good boys’ activities. Trimming the dog hair around eye area should be very carefully carried out.

The coat of a dog and human hair are somehow alike. Just a change in our hairstyle can make us look completely different. A nice trim and good hair styling can also do that to your dog as he can become lovely and cute with a lot of different styles. Let’s give your good boy an unique appearance!

Nonetheless, grooming your dog is really a hard task that takes some know-how and experience to do properly. That’s why, many dog owners who are concerned about the hair of their good boys prefer to take them to Spa and leave hair cut to professional groomers. But we are all aware that professional grooming costs a lot and can add up quickly, so many dog owners are looking for a more affordable option.

Shout You go for Home grooming?

Home Grooming is just a perfect choice. This means you can save money by grooming your dog at home. There is no reason that you can’t become an expert at cutting your dog’s hair. Although some occasional hilarious result can come along the way, don’t worry! The great thing is that hair grows back and you can give it a try with a pair of reliable dog clippers for home use. Consumers, both professionals and amateurs alike, have spoken, and the best dog grooming clippers are tools that are durable, efficient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective. In the market, there are many different types of dog clippers to choose and it can be overwhelming for you to pick the right one. Check out some of the top-rated dog grooming clippers here , and keep reading for some helpful tips on keeping your dog looking great.

Grooming can be a daunting but bonding experience with your pet. Once you and your dog get used to it, hope you find this adventure interesting and improve new skill gradually with one of the best dog clippers given.