How to Treat Dry Skin on Puppies

You should visit your vet first when your dog feels under the weather. But, if he has a minor ailment like dry skin or a mild upset stomach, you can consult some home remedies. The dry skin can make your dog feel itchy and uncomfortable. That’s why you need to take steps to improve his coat. Keep reading this article to learn how to treat dry skin on Puppies.

Evaluate Your Dog’s Skin

Find signs of dry skin

There are some signs of dry skin. But, the first sign shows that your dog has dry skin is that he starts to scratch violently once you touch his skin. Aside from that, there are other signs of this problem such as dandruff, dry and flaky skin, a harsh and brittle coat, itchiness, and cracked or tough skin.

Pay attention to your dog’s health

Determine if anything has recently changed in your dog. For instance, he eats more or less. Or even, his energy level has a change. It’s best to take your dog to your vet for a diagnosis as well as treatments. Underlying medical conditions may be causes of dry skin. There are some conditions that can affect skin health such as hypothyroidism, infections, diabetes, or Cushing’s disease.

Check your dog’s coat for parasites

Focus on your dog’s coat itself. Find flakes of dandruff by brushing back your dog’s hair. In fact, flakes of dandruff are related to tiny parasites. They are called “walking dandruff”. You can also ask your vet to diagnose thanks to looking at skin flakes under the microscope. When treating it, you have to use medicated sprays. It’s best to use them every two weeks in order to kill the mites.

Condition Your Dog’s Skin

Your dog needs a nutritious diet

That’s why it’s important to feed him a high-quality balanced diet. In addition, you need to constant access to fresh water as well. We recommend you to find a commercial dog food listing a named meat such as beef, chicken or lamb at the top of the ingredients list. Of course, they have to be followed by a named vegetable such as carrot or sweet potato. Also, a food added omega-6 or vitamin E is a great choice. It can be able to nourish your dog’s skin. In order to remove his dry skin, you just need to add olive oil to the dog foods.

Your dog needs dietary supplements

It’s hard to avoid that some nutrients are destroyed during processing. It’s important to add nutrients in the form of dietary supplements for a dog with dry skin. They are capable of nourishing skin cells deep within your dog’s tissues. As a result, his skin will become healthy after just a month of supplementing. There are some essential nutrients to consider such as Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids or oils.

Groom your dog regularly

Grooming your dog every day helps to keep him shiny and protected. At the same time, it prevents oil buildup causing irritation as well. In addition, don’t forget to brush your dog. This helps to increase the blood supply to the skin. Moreover, you can also alleviate dry skin thanks to this.

Bathe your dog

Bathing your dog can not only prevent dirt and oil buildup but also examine your dog’s skin as well as skin problems. It’s great to do this monthly or up to every two weeks for dogs with normal skin. If your dog has dry skin, think about using an oatmeal shampoo. Moreover, it’s essential to avoid over-drying your dog. When choosing a dog shampoo, you need to look for one pH balanced for dog skin. The fact is that a perfumed shampoo may dry out the skin. That’s why we recommend you to use an oatmeal shampoo. It’s perfect to keep moisture but not greasy.

Pay attention to your home’s humidity

If your dog lives in a low humidity area, he can’t avoid getting dry skin. The cold weather can be able to aggravate already dry skin. The thing you need to do is controlling your home’s humidity levels. To do this, you have to use humidifiers in order to add moisture to the air. Especially, when you heat your house, you should be careful. Don’t allow your dog to lie against heaters. Last, you should also keep him indoors when it’s dry or cold.

Be patient

Sure, you have to take time to moisturize your dog’s skin. Indeed, his skin is made of layers of skin cells. In fact, migrating from baby skin cells to mature skin cells at the top takes over 28 days. And, it’s about at least a month to keep conditioning his skin. Thus, it’s time to look for improvement. Then, you can determine what’s effective for your dog’s dry skin after 1-2 conditioning treatments.