The Smallest Of All Dog Breeds: The Chihuahua

From a fast food spokesman to a constant companion of female celebrities, Chihuahuas have not only been around for a long time but have also been in the public eye as well. The dog is known primarily for its very small stature (known as the smallest dog in the world) and comes in both short and long haired varieties. Chihuahua puppies are often snatched up quite quickly when advertised due to their popularity with both children and adults alike. Despite a reputation for being temperamental, Chihuahuas have a high aptitude and can be trained quite easily.The health problems faced by Chihuahuas are shared with a number of other varieties of smaller dog breeds. Chihuahuas are prone to suffer from hydrocephalus as well as hypoglycemia. Due to the large eyes that the breed possesses, it is not uncommon for them to suffer from chronic eye infections.

From the time they are puppies it is most important to pay a great deal of attention to the eating habits of a Chihuahua. Their food intake must be moderated as an overweight Chihuahua can suffer from many joint and bone issues as well as collapse of the trachea and even bronchitis. Chihuahuas are also quite picky regarding the food they choose to eat, so they are equally at risk of becoming malnourished due to failure to consume the proper amount of nutrients.

Due to many factors, the life expectancy of a Chihuahua is hard to narrow down. It is not uncommon for one of these breeds to pass on as early as eight years of age or as advanced as twenty years old. With proper care and lots of love, Chihuahuas can stay active members of their family’s lives for many many years.