A French Bulldog May Be The Perfect Pet For You

Many people are looking for the perfect dog and the perfect dog is different for everyone. The French Bulldog is a popular dog for those that are looking for a small dog but don’t want to go the Chihuahua route. French bulldogs, commonly called Frenchies, are friendly dogs that usually exhibit a very happy-go-lucky temperament. Like most dogs, daily walks are great for Frenchies, and really about all the exercise that is required.

There are a couple of things any prospective owner should know about French Bulldogs:

-Frenchies cannot be purely outside dogs as they don’t have a breathing system that is developed enough to completely regulate their body temperature.

-Frenchies are not the best swimming dogs due to an uneven distribution of body weight.

-It is usually best for dog owners who wish to own multiple Frenchies to choose one of each sex as there can sometimes be difficult cases of aggression present when two Frenchies of the same sex attempt to live together.

-Though they are friendly dogs, their style of play may be a little too rowdy or rough for smaller children.

French bulldogs are great dogs that make wonderful pets. Like all breeds, there are specific things that prospective owners need to be aware of, but there is no information available that indicates Frenchies are more trouble than they are worth.