8 Facts About Pit Bulls

8 Facts About Pit Bulls

One of the most famous pit bulls was Pete The Pup from the Our Gang (Little Rascals) films in the early 1900s.

Ontario was the first state or province to place regulations on the breeding or ownership of pit bulls.

During World War I, the breed was so popular that it appeared on American patriotic posters encouraging involvement in the war or the buying of war bonds.

Pit bulls are one of a few other breeds (including mastiffs, german shepherds, and rottweilers) that have been reported to continue with an attack after having received a non-fatal gunshot.

Famous owners of pit bulls: Jessica Alba, Jon Stewart, Michael J. Fox, Jessica Biel, Adam Brody, Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer), Alicia Silverstone, Jesse G. James (owner of West Coast Choppers) and Rachael Ray. NFL quarterback Michael Vick at one time owned dozens of pit bulls but they were confiscated relating to his imprisonment regarding animal cruelty because of his involvement in dog fighting.

The pit bull is the only breed of dog to have appeared three times on the cover of Life Magazine.

The idea that a pit bull’s jaws perform a locking action that they are unable to release is an urban myth. Anatomical studies of the pit bull’s jaws show they are similar to most other breeds of dog.

Some insurance companies will not issue homeowner’s policies to owners of pit bulls.

Weird Al Yankovic poses with a pit bull on the cover of his “Straight Out Of Lynwood” Album.